From Sweden to China
and back and forth
the story of Milk for Champs

I first visited China in 1981. I was 15 years old and was there to practise table tennis for a month. The contract with little Sweden was huge and it was a fascinating and rewarding trip in many ways. During my thirty years long career it has been a lot of more trips to China and some of my most memorable mathes were played against China.

The first and most memorable victory was in the 1989 Team World Championships in Germany. Sweden versus China. This little country against the home of table tennis and the giant of the sport. We won 5-0 and yes, it was an amazing feat. Two years later we won again and I also beat J-O Waldner in the singles final and became World Table Tennis Champion.

In the later part of my career I had the opportunity to finnish my career in the Chinese table tennis league, playing in Tianjin. Ever since my first visit to China in 1981 I´d wanted to stay there for a longer period of time, and I was able to stay and live in China for three months.

"That was an idea I fell for straight away"


One thing that I missed during my time in China was Swedish milk. In Swedenwe drink milk with almost everything. It is drunk with breakfast, lunch and dinner by both young and old. While I was thinking about what to do after my table tennis career, I came in contact with the former dairy farmer Bengt Darhult, who had a vision of exporting Swedeis milk to China. Tha was an idea I fell for straight away. 

Swedens food production  is world class, with animal husbandry laws that ensure that cows and other livestock have good quality of life, guaranteening excellent dairy products. As soon as the snow has melted  and the warmth returns, the cows are out grazing in the meadow, fattening up on grass and herbaceous plants that gives the milk its delicious flavour.

"nature's sport drink" 

In Sweden we call milk "nature's sport drink", because it gives energy and help us build muscles and a strong skeleton. We are now working together to give the Chinese the opportunity to drink our Swedish milk

Milk for Champs - gives natural power and energy

Jörgen Persson